Oh look, I created an awesome new website and then barely wrote anything for it! How shocking! (Or, you know, exactly what I expected.)

2014 was a crazy year for a lot of the people I know, including me. I spent a good portion of the year feeling generally gross, until we figured out that it was my gallbladder. Once they yanked that sucker out, I suddenly had energy again! (Well, I did once I was over the recovery period. Surgery is no joke! I spent two weeks on the couch with cats, who were wonderful about not standing on my incisions.)

Professionally, this was a really great year. I presented two webinars (one in the US, one in Canada!), presented at ALA (Vegas!) and the Depository Library Conference in DC, and successfully chaired my first work committee. We're working on some really fun projects, none of which are ready for public consumption, but which will hopefully result in some fun papers and/or presentations!

Most importantly - I finished my tenure portfolio! It hasn't been submitted yet (that happens automatically at 5pm on January 5th), but I feel relatively good about it. I know that sounds sort unenthusiastic, but I've worked hard on it, gotten feedback, and revised a million times. I am proud of the product that I created and I feel like it represents my work and my growth over the past 5-ish years. But I also think it's hard to feel really great about something that you've put that much time, effort, and self reflection into. I wonder if this is what authors feel like when they publish a book - happy it's done, excited to hear what people think, but also slightly terrified. (This portfolio, after all, is the deciding factor on whether I get to keep my job. The tenure review is all or nothing.)