Review: Pasta

Pasta: the beginner's guide by: Carlo Lai

Let's get something straight right away. While I'm certainly a beginner when it comes to making pasta, I am definitely an experienced pasta eater. This book was literally written for me. (Well, not literally, it was written for Frank, an American who stated that he loved to eat pasta but could never make it himself, but close enough.) This book walks you through the basics of pasta, from ingredients and tools, to recipes and shaping. This would be an absolutely wonderful book for anyone interested in learning how to make pasta. The recipes included are relatively simple (e.g. Fettuccine Primavera & Fettuccine with Walnut Sauce), but the clear directions and photographs make this a great beginner's book. It would be especially lovely bundled with a pasta machine as a gift.

Note: I received a free eGalley of this book from NetGalley (being a librarian has its perks!)